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Open Gym

Come and Lift on your own time and schedule. Monthly rates with no contracts. We have Barbells, Benches and Weights and Plates. You can squat, deadlift, bench press, and all you need.

Group Training

Come and Lift with a group. Community adds motivation. Robert Santana leads group training sessions. You can deadlift, benchpress, and squat all you need. No contract, monthly rate.

Intro Barbell Coaching

The Intro to Barbell Training is structured in a way that takes lifters to a place where they are more confident and independent under the barbell. This is a two-hour, private training session with a certified Starting Strength Coach. You will learn everything necessary to begin strength training safely and effectively. This includes detailed instruction on the basic barbell exercises, programming strategies, general nutrition guidelines, gym etiquette, proper equipment and more. Our goal is to ensure our new trainees fully understand our approach to strength training and are ready to begin the long and exciting road ahead!


In the private sessions with a certified Starting Strength Coach, you’ll learn and master proper and safe basic barbell lifts that form the groundwork of an effective strength training program. Weights & Plates offers private personal training for those who need a quick “tune up” on their lifts or someone who desired more individual attention. The session can be focused on a single exercise or an entire workout. Spots are limited so plan to book in advance!

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Robert Santana has extensive experiences as a lecturer, nutrition coach, strength coach, and competitive lifter. Email him now.