Barbell training can benefit virtually anyone who can physically perform it. We have trained individuals that range from youth athletes to elderly individuals. The barbell exercises are functional and ergonomic since a barbell can be handled directly over the lifter’s center of mass. In contrast, most items that are handled in daily life often extend out several inches away from your body. By practicing the lifts with a barbell, you are lifting efficiently and safely so that when you are forced to handle unsafe and inefficient movements, the strength surplus reduces your risk of injury. The classic example is picking up an 80 lb desk, box, or lawnmower. A lifter strong enough to pick up a 300 lb barbell is less likely to injure picking up the more awkward 80 lb desk because of the strength surplus he possesses. So, if you think you must be a powerlifter, bodybuilder, or Olympic weightlifter to perform barbell exercises, you have been misinformed and we intend to set the record straight for you!