Audrey Friedman is a Registered Dietitian with 29 years of experience coaching her clients to a healthier lifestyle through a foundation of good nutritional habits. Audrey has a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics from California State University Los Angeles.After nearly three decades working as a renal dietitian providing nutrition education in dialysis centers, Audrey found her true passion as she transitioned her career away from the medical industry to private practice working with weight management and sport performance.She enjoys building strong relationships with all of her clients and has extensive experience working with overweight/obese strength trainees to develop healthy and sustainable eating habits as they work to get stronger in the weight room. Likewise, she has worked with the “weekend athlete” to develop a healthy relationship with food by implementing a customized nutrition plan for their specific body composition goal.

Audrey also works as a strength coach in Los Angeles as she prepares to obtain the Starting Strength Coach credential. She began her strength training journey at the ripe age of 47 using the Starting Strength model under the close eye of her coach and colleague, Robert Santana, MS, RD, SSC. She has competed in two strengthlifting meets as a Master’s lifter, coaches clients out of her garage gym, and continues to make strength gains at Horn’s Strength and Conditioning gym in Los Angeles, CA. Her commitment to both the weights and the plates is evident in her daily life!


**Consult can be applied to first month of all coaching plans
***Coaching requires a 3-month commitment.